Ez Battery Reconditioning Review

How To Recondition A Laptop Battery: Things To know


A laptop battery, just like any other battery undergoes the inevitable process of wear and tear. It reaches a point when it cannot keep its full charge in the recommended hours. When it comes to that, the process on how to recondition a laptop battery is needed to restore the batteries life and make it become wonderful again. Many people end up replacing their batteries but if proper care is not taken, battery spoiling normally continues. With some few steps, you can be sure to restore the quality of your laptop battery and make it function properly again.


Charge the Battery Well


With your computer or laptop switched off, plug in to the charger. Let your laptop charge uninterruptedly until it acquires full charge. Normally, a laptop battery takes 3-5 hours to acquire full charge so make sure that you leave it there until you obtain a full charge. You should not switch it on and you should not overcharge it. After it is fully charged, switch it on and disable hibernation of the laptop. Just go to control panel and make sure that you disable hibernation and save settings. 


Change Your Settings to Discharge Battery


Click on your control panel and navigate to performance and maintenance option. Once you are there, click power options and then go power schemes. You will be able to achieve this move conveniently. Be careful not to touch any unwanted setting on your laptop. Take note on plugged in options and running on batteries so that you reset them later after you are done with the whole process. Set all your six options from top to bottom Never so that you keep your battery going always. Continue the next steps and you will achieve complete restoration of your battery.


Now it is time to uplug your laptop, don’t switch it off, just remove it from the power line. Let it run until all battery power gets finished and your laptop goes off. Once it is off, plug it to power and let it charge to full capacity again. You will need to switch it on again and make sure you change your setting to hibernation mode where you will be able to receive complete battery restoration. This is a quick way of how to recondition a laptop battery and you will be able to see an improvement once you finish the whole process.


You can contact Ez battery recondition program for quick service and rectification.  Always make sure that you take care of your battery, charge well and make sure you don’t overcharge it. Your laptop battery should not be frequently removed, just leave it to the extent that you will make an excellent outcome. After you have done proper rectification, you will be able to make excellent use of your battery once more. Don’t let your battery to get spoilt because you can use this process of how to recondition a laptop battery and you will increase its longevity and effectiveness in offering you quality service. You don’t need a specialist to do this for you.See more info about battery recondition in CrashCollective DIY visit this website.